Patricia’s 12 Week Skin Transformation – Consultation & Initial Treatment.

Today is an exciting day! We are commencing our 12 week Skin Transformation Journey with our lovely client Patricia…

Before any treatments

Patricia is 70 years of age and up until recently hasn’t had a regular skin regime. Although she has cared for her skin beautifully over the years, as Father Time strolls by and our Darwin environment takes it’s toll, even the best skins can do with a helping hand!
Our goal with Patricia is to ultimately strengthen and rebuild her skin’s function, to revise the fine and deeper set lines, resolve her pigmentation and sun damage, and to shape in the lovely contours of her face. She is such a lovely client,  we are really excited to transform her skin!


CoolSculpting to remove submental neck   fat.

‘Butterstick’ Immediately after CoolSculpting

Firstly, we wanted to treat the little pocket of fat under Patricia’s chin. To address this, we performed a CoolSculpting treatment on the submental area.
This procedure uses a process called Cryolipolysis, a method where fat cells are sustained at a temperature of 4 degrees using controlled cooling. When this temperature is maintained for 45-60 minutes, the fat cells undergo a process called Apoptosis (natural cell death). Once a fat cell is gone it simply cannot regrow.
The treatment itself is quite comfortable, there is a   strong vacuum applicator applied to the pocket of fat under the chin, which feels quite cold for 5-10 minutes but quickly subsides and feels numb. Once the cycle is complete, the applicator is removed revealing a ‘butter stick’ of frozen fat cells. This butter stick is then massaged down to elevate the natural removal process. After apoptosis, the body removes these cells naturally as waste, never to return again! The natural removal process typically takes around 12 weeks.

To complete the first phase of treatment we needed to revise some superficial cell buildup on the surface of Patricia’s skin. To achieve this we performed a skin peel. A skin peel is an effective resurfacing procedure for those seeking substantial results in a short time frame. This professionally applied solution is designed to remove dead skin cells and instigate collagen development. It is fast and pain free with super easy home care guidelines to follow, making it an incredibly popular treatment.
Firstly, Patricia’s skin is cleansed and prepped for her peel application. The solution is then applied systematically to the entire face, neck and chest area. This solution contains a natural element to assist in lifting and detaching dead skin cells and also acts as a natural anaesthetic, rendering this treatment virtually pain free!
The peeling process typically starts about 48 hours post treatment and begins in the centre of the face. Usually this process lasts between 5-7 days and is quite comfortable throughout the entire process.


Stay tuned for the next phase of Patricia’s Total Skin Transformation!

Click here for more information regarding Coolsculpting or the VI Skin Peel System


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