Spa Lotus day spa is located in the Darwin Corporate Park established 2015. This stunningly beautiful day spa has a Turkish influence with mosaic lighting and art through out. Complete with a traditional hammam steam temple with stary ceiling and music you are as close to utopia as humanly possible.

An escape from the everyday world, as you step into your bliss, feel the tension release from the outer world and be in your time, your moment and laow us to take care of the rest.

Welcome to Advanced Body Image. The concept behind this venue is to offer a personal day spa experience to our guests set in a very lavish space. We want our guests to feel at home and have their therapist, clinician or doctor completely dedicated to them. We are setting a new standard in day spa trends and offer decadent treatments that provide the utmost in relaxation, recreating your new body with a personal and professional touch.

Performed by the spa’s team of highly qualified doctors and therapists, we welcome you to an extensive range of therapies. This ranges from a Hammam steam temple, laser vein and tattoo removal, vishy showers, permanent make up, Remedial massage, laser therapy, and the latest fractional laser method, fat removal and many, many others… a very wide range in one truly unique location.

Advanced body, Image and Well-being packages are also on offer to address your personal needs, or to treat you for any occasion including pre-wedding or event, pamper party, body image enhancement or simply your way to treat yourself and enjoy your day.

In todays world amongst all the hustle and bustle of the demands of family, work or life’s stresses, it is of utmost importance to allow your body to be in a grounded and content space. How incredibly rewarding it is, to allow your body to unwind, renew and restore. Allowing you to be not only far more productive and give yourself a clear mind but also creating clear thoughts and a happier, healthier you. Creating a happier, healthier world.

Take your time to view our dynamic range of therapies in two very advanced areas which are both dedicated to delivering you with the highest quality care and attention to the most important thing in this world, you!

If you dont have moment to read and know what you’re wanting to achieve, we welcome you to call and one of our experienced and highly trained team can give you the highest recommendation and options based on what you would like to achieve. Saving you a lot of time and allowing you to enjoy your treatment and that much needed time to yourself far sooner than you anticipated.

Welcome to your experience, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you sometime in the near future.

Yours in Health

The Advanced Body Image Team

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