Improve your skins texture and tone

The face lift and corrections you’ve wanted, all in one.

The list of issues you can correct is just wonderful, it is a treat to have this therapy and our pleasure to offer it to you.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing literally erases wrinkles, burn marks, brown marks (post pregnancy), stretch marks, acne scars and even increases skin tone and elasticity, giving you an added face lift.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing is breakthrough technology since laser therapy began. It is much faster to recover, unlike other laser skin improvements which can take several months.Depending on what you are having corrected will depend on how quickly you will see the results. Say for instance brown marks and freckles, the correction can be seen in only a few days. So recovery time is incredibly quick and results seen promptly.

The way this works so well, unlike traditional lasers, it only targets a fraction of the area, allowing the skin between to heal and restore in its own natural innate way, much much faster with desirable results.

So the way in which it actually gains these results is to remodel the skins collagen, gaining smoother, more even toned and even firmer skin.

In this process a fine top layer of skin is repaired and also heated to gain a reaction from the skin as it begins to work its magic.

A very fine and delicate procedure, working with the bodies own healing abilities to gain that youthful look.

Face, hands and décolletage can also benefit.

Who comes in to have this treatment?

Most people who come into see us are concerned with ageing and also UV exposure which can leave the skin scarred, pigment damaged and/ or lacking tone.

There are many skin conditions, a lot of these can really gain lasting results from fractional laser resurfacing.

Have you ever seen people, in particular men, with the lumpy nose and either a purple or reddish pigmentation? This is call Rhinophyma, a condition where the sabatious glands are affected, causing the nose mainly, and other areas to swell up and have that lumpy appearance.

Thankfully, its nice to know we can help and allow this condition to be greatly reduced along with any pigment damage.

With this type of resurfacing, the recovery is as minimal as 4days- 14, depending on the strength needed of the laser.

How do I gain the best results?!

We look after you very well at Advanced Body Image. We will give you a pre treatment skin care regime for you to have the best results and reduce recovery time – see the new you ASAP!

To gain the most out of your session our highly skilled and trained staff, clinicians and doctors look after you the entire way, offering the best advice and post treatment care.

We look forward to speaking with you further to see how you can gain the most out of the skin you’ve always wanted.


The Advanced Body Image Team

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Before and After

Before and After