Face Treatments

DMK’s Methods of Natural Pharmacology incorporates Enzyme Therapy Treatments specifically designed to correct, support and maintain healthy skin structure and function. Enzyme Therapy treatments are performed by specially trained Paramedical Technicians and a comprehensive home maintenance program is prescribed for supporting the skin network and delivering long lasting results.
DMK Treatments work using transfer messenger Enzyme Therapy – exclusive to DMK.

What is Enzyme Therapy and how does it work?

Enzyme Therapy is DMK’s signature treatment, using transfer messenger enzymes to restore skin to its peak condition.

DMK is the first and only company in the world to utilise the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are live substances which work to regulate health and interact with minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants to fight corrosive free radicals. They can remove dead protein, toxins and gases from the epidermis using a process called ‘reverse osmosis’.

In contrast to most cosmetic facial treatments, which only act on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in.

What concerns can I address through DMK Enzyme Therapy? 

DMK Enzyme Therapy addresses a multitude of concerns. It is specifically delivered according to the individuals needs and concerns. Enzyme Therapy targets:

Premature Aging 

Treatment programs are designed to revise the signs of aging and the health and function of the skin by removing and revising redundant skin cells and tightening facial muscles by stimulating underlying structures of the skin – a gym workout for the face! Muscle banding techniques are used to firm and tighten whilst reducing redness and capillaries in the skin resulting in a more vibrant appearance.

Acne Skins

Clear the way for acne free skin!

DMK Enzyme Therapy offers multiple modalities to successfully treat acne skins, both inflamed and non-inflammed. An advanced treatment program is designed to help clear acne and congestion. Performed weekly or fortnightly for 12 weeks, your individual treatment plan will address the causal factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne. DMK achieve long term results ensuring the condition won’t simply return.

Pigmentation or Uneven Skin Tone (MelanoZone)

Environmental factors, age and stress can negatively influence the skin and develop uneven skin texture and tone. It can become courser, pigmented, and imperfections can appear. DMK offers skin brightening Enzyme Therapy treatments designed to help restore a brighter, more even, luminous complexion.

Melanozone is the sophisticated revision of uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone and patchiness can give an aged appearance and ultimately lead us to feel self-conscious about our appearance. DMK has developed the MelanoZone Treatment protocol in successful response to this.

It not only evens out skin tone and colour, but restores a healthy, natural glow.

Problems associated with colour and skin tone issues can be very complex. The MelanoZone Treatment aids in suppressing and inhibiting further melanin production. It is suitable for all ages, skin conditions and tones, and can be used on any area of the face or body, including smaller and more stubborn areas of discolouration.

Age management

Muscle Banding is the act of treating in advance, in order to prevent the onset of ageing.

The DMK Muscle Banding Program not only lifts and firms the skin; it will also aid in the restoration of optimal skin function which is key to healthy, firm skin.

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