Day Spa ServicesWith over 12 expert laser treatments to choose from and with an award-winning team of medical professionals we are Advanced Body Image, and we’d like to welcome you to our website.

Our team of experts specialise in a variety of laser therapies – from those that can help you to rid your body of unwanted tattoos, all the way to those that can help to remove excess hair on a permanent basis.

Our specialists are fully trained in the use of our lasers and to date, we’ve helped hundreds of people to enjoy healthy, smooth skin – the likes of which would be all but impossible to achieve otherwise.

Our Services

Our team specialise in a host of advanced procedures and laser treatments that can help to treat a variety of conditions and ailments. These include tattoo removal, scarring, dermatitis. sundamage, pigmentation and hair removal.

We make full use of our facilities, so much so that our clinic is considered one of the most diverse and functional in Australia.

Each of our specialists have years of experience within the field and many of them were present when the earliest uses of laser treatments first came into existence within the medical industry, just over a decade ago.

Over the years we’ve harnessed our expertise in a way that has to be seen to be believed and we offer some of the most effective services in the country; and the wider world as a whole.

People come to us from around the globe for help with their skin conditions and complaints – and although this might make getting an appointment with us sound challenging, it really isn’t.

We make a point of being available at hours that suit the needs of our clients, regardless of the type of laser treatment that you would like to undergo.

At Advanced Body Image we enjoy nothing more than helping our patients to regain their confidence, rid themselves of unwanted skin conditions and enjoy outer beauty – and whatever you might need us for, we can all but guarantee to be able to help you.

Why Choose Our Experts?

Anyone that works within the medical industry will require a particular set of qualifications and licenses in order to offer their services.

At ABI we’ve gone even further, by ensuring that every single member of our team of medical practitioners are even more highly qualified than others that work with our competitors.

We strive for perfection and that’s why we pride ourselves so highly on the results of our work.

The best way to see what we can do is by booking a consultation with one of our experts.

What We Can Do For You

If you have a tattoo that you’d like removed, our advanced facilities and laser treatments can make that dream into a reality in next to no time at all. After just a treatment or two – you’ll already start to notice the difference and before long, you’ll have an area of skin that’s entirely free of all traces of the tattoo.

The same goes for acne and dermatological conditions in general. Our advanced lasers are capable of eliminating sebum and bacteria at the source, allowing you to enjoy a smoother, clearer complexion with minimal fuss.

We also specialise in the removal of hair from any part of the body, including the underarms and around the genitalia.

These are just a few of our most popular services and you’ll find out about plenty more by getting in touch with us today! We’d be more than happy to book you into a free consultation, or to offer further advice and guidance should you find yourself in need of it.