why we are different

This is a really special topic for me as Advanced Body Image & Spa Lotus Day Spa has been my passion since I first opened the doors in April 2000.

I love making a difference in peoples lives and looking for safe medically proven treatments that yield great results. Our industry has developed and changed so much and the new science based treatments avaliable are amazing, but not all equal.

What I mean by this is that for the consumer or our potential customers its hard to decipher what lasers are better? Which treatments are going to work best for you, and why. Its fair to say that most advertising is designed to make you think that each treatment is the correct treatment for you. And there will never be one treatment that fixes everyones individual concerns and this is why I offer fee consultations to explain the differences and options.

I LOVE my lasers and own 11 different machines and a large array of other effective medically proven technology to give my clients the best options for their individual needs.

Ill be continuing this blog why what treatments work best for different conditions and why. Please contact my office on 89856088 if you would like a consultation.

Katy Sullivan